Do you experience pain in your ankle? Have you ever sprained your ankle? If your answer to both questions is yes, there is an association. Did you know that most of the time, ankle pain comes from damage to the ankle? When the ankle is turned inward this will cause tears to the ligament. The small tears can cause swelling which will then make walking or bearing pressure and weight on the ankle to be painful.The ankle will be left bruised and need several week to months to heal. Unless a proper recovery program is taken into action, unfortunately it is not unusual that the injured ankle will be less stable or weaker than the uninjured ankle. In addition to ankle sprains and other injuries, ankle pain can be caused by arthritis, gout, pseudogout, and infection. If you or a love one is experiencing this problem, please give the office a call today at 912-355-4557. Melissa F. Robitaille, DPM Medicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Children

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