A lateral ankle sprain is the most common form of ankle sprain. Patients report an inversion of the ankle, meaning the foot twisted underneath the leg.  The patient may complain of pain outside of the ankle with bruising, the technical term for which is ecchymosis. The severity of the sprain can prevent the patient from bear weight on the affected limb.

The recovery time depends on the severity of the sprain and if there are any fractures. In general it can take weeks to months to fully recover.

An ankle sprain can be more than just a sprain. There can be fracture of the ankle bones such as the tibia, fibula or talus. There can also be torn tendons or ligaments. If this pain lasts longer than a week, there are definitely more damage then you may think.  A sprain can be treated in many ways, such as immobilization with special boot or a cast. After a thorough evaluation of the joint, if there are any fractures, casting or surgical intervention may be required. The best way to avoid any invasive procedures is for an early evaluation and diagnoses.

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