The fall season brings about a nice breeze that allows you to enjoy your morning or evening runs around the park, beach, gym or track. While relish the new season, it is important to remember that your athletic shoes are the most important piece of your athletic gear. Picking the right shoes for the seasons can go a long way to avoid injuries and keeping your body healthy.Improper shoe gear for any athlete especially runners can lead to a weight unbalance which will create excess stress on the musculoskeletal system as your body makes contact with the ground. Your body will compensate for this unbalance thus making your body distribute the weight evenly, however this compensation makes your body biomechanically unstable and mal-aligned which over time can lead to injury.There are several injuries associated with improper shoe gear :Arch painPlantar faciitisOver-pronationHip painPatellofemoral Syndrome (Runners Knee)Pulled hamstringsShin splintsStress fracturesWith all the different options in athletic shoe wear out there picking the right shoes can be quite overwhelming. Remember good shoes don’t have to be flashy or break the bank to serve their intended purpose. There are plenty of good quality shoes out there that will fit both your needs and your budget. Ti is important to look for all of the right qualities to fit your foot and you are sure to make a wise and comfortable decision. If you have questions regarding the right shoe type for your feet don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists for a foot screening and discuss the proper shoe gear that is right for you. Call 912-355-4557 today or visit Melissa F. Robitaille, DPMMedicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Children

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