Know what to look out for before visiting your local nail salon. Luxurious, but it is sanitary? Lately, I have been seeing patients with foot problems that are a result of visiting nail salons for pedicures.  Most of the patients are being seen for ingrown toenails, some for athletes foot, and other for fungal toenails.  Patients tell me they get their cuticles pushed back and that the pedicurists digs in the corners of their toenails.  Digging in the toenail corners is one of the main causes of ingrown toenails! The nails should be cut straight across and the pedicurist should never dig into the corners, or be pushing back the cuticles. Also, I hear some of my patients say their pedicurist treats their ingrown toenails, which really blew me away.  As far as I know, a pedicurist is not trained to treat ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails are treated with a minor surgery that requires local anesthesia! Patients that ask me if they can get athletes foot from a pedicure. The answer is yes, especially if the customer(s) before you have the condition and the equipment is not sanitized properly. Athletes foot can be easily transferred to you under these conditions. I advise all my patients to make sure the nail salon has cleaned the equipment immediately before your pedicure. Your primary concern should always be your health. Nail fungus can also be transferred from person to person, again, from the same unclean instrumentation. I have nothing against pedicurists, or nail salons, but the public should be aware of possible foot ailments that can be caused by visiting nail salons. To be sure, always see a podiatrist, this will ensure a sterile medical environment every time.

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