I know you’ve seen it on TV. The self proclaimed cure for all of your foot callous needs. The PedEgg has advised itself as the ground breaking foot file that will make your feet feel smooth and soft. It has precision micro files that are thought to remove all hyperkeratotic skin with ease, However, remember not all hyperkeratotic skin lesions can be removed easily, especially when dealing with plantar warts. In fact you could potentially spread your plantar warts. But before we get into that, lets briefly discuss plantar warts.A plantar wart is basically a growth on the skin that develops when the skin is infected by the human papilloma virus (HPV) virus. The virus attacks the skin through direct contact. The virus will take refuge in the skin. This occurs through breaks in the surface of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. Such exposure is frequently associated with public pools, lockers, public shower rooms, at home by family members who have the virus, and walking barefoot on dirty surfaces with littered ground where the virus is present. Remember when you PedEgg the micro files actually shave the thickened layer of the epidermis off (breaks in skin) and if rubbed over a plantar wart first (direct contact) could potentiate the virus to set up shop, grow and prolitiferate in a satellite area thus spreading virus and infection. So, how do you know if you have plantar warts? There are various signs and symptoms that include: Hyperskeratotic thickening of the skin. Plantar wart may resemble a callus due to its tough, thickened tissue.Pain. A plantar wart is usually painful especially during normal activity such as walking and standing, and there is pain when the wart is pressed from either side. Tiny black dots. These often appear on the surface of the wart. These are infarcted blood vessels within the verrucous tissue. Interruption in the continuity of the skin lines. The hyperkeratotic lesion will cause a disruption of the skin lines.Don’t forget to biopsy. Although the above signs and symptoms usually are a good indication of a plantar wart. Never self diagnose and when in doubt call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists and we can give you the proper type of clinical exam.If you are wondering how to think of this new PedEgg invention, just think of and cheese grater and the block of cheese as your foot. If you use this in an improper manner and you have foot problems, you could possible make it worse. There is no way for one to judge if they have taken off too much skin until it’s too late. The PedEgg makes it very easy to shave too much skin off until your foot is raw. This is an uncomfortable feeling and can be very dangerous for those who are diabetic or may have infections. Please trust us when we say visiting Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists is the best way to go. We know feet. The PedEgg may cause a problem that you will have to call us to fix so, beware of the PedEgg! Look at this educational video to find out more about your foot problem(s). https://www.atlanticfeet.com/videos.phpCall us today if you think that you need help with your feet. 912-355-4557. Melissa Robitaille, D.P.M.Medicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Children https://www.atlanticfeet.com

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