Nothing is hard for men to understand once it’s explained in car terms. I’ve realized that men will easily understand the importance of orthotics once you explain it to them in terms of a car. So here goes: When you think about your feet, think about them as you would the tires on your car. When your car’s alignment is off  your tires wear in a certain pattern. If misaligned this can cause irregular and dangerous wear and tear. Well your feet do the exact same thing when they are not in their proper alignment. When your feet are out of alignment, the misalignment causes undue stress on your feet which can cause you to develop foot pains and deformities. This misalignment of your feet can also cause pain elsewhere in the body, like the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Orthotics helps to realign your foot so that it’s in its proper alignment. If your feet are in proper alignment, you can enjoy a smooth ride all day long.

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