Women are constantly on the go but, their choice of shoes are not always going in the right direction with them. Women who wear stilettos often tend to have ankle injuries. This is a result of the height and narrowness of the heel. These women are likely to have a lot of feet pain because, the heel of the shoe is like a spike going into the heel of the foot. The angle that the foot rests at can create forefoot pain, causing minor fractions. These shoes also cause clawing of the toes and promote ingrown toenails. A higher heel and narrow toe box can eventually create a thickening of tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth toes. This will cause pain and numbness in the toes.So what about women who wear platform shoes? If you are a fan of platform shoes, you are in luck. A platform shoe is better to wear than a high heel because, your body weight is more evenly distributed over the shoe. A thicker heel is also better than a thinner heel. Do not compromise your feet for fashion. Visit us at www.atlanticfeet.com    

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