Hyperhidrosis, most commonly known as sweaty feet is a common problem that you shouldn’t be ashamed of! Sweating is a normal mechanism of the body used for thermoregulation, or maintenance of the body temperature. There are 3 types of hyperhidrosis: localized to one part of the body, generalized, or sentimentally induced. There are multiple causes of this condition. It can be genetically inherited, due to sweat gland hyperactivity, or secondary to more severe conditions like diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders, gout, certain drugs and other factors.

This condition is easily treatable; the only challenge is to make sure to get a good humidity balance, because one treatment of this condition may create extreme foot dryness that will cause fissures in the skin and excruciating pain, which may become a worse problem. The application of topical anti-perspirants containing aluminum chloride or formaldehyde is the first step in the treatment of this condition. There are different types and strengths that can be used before trying a more invasive approach, but they usually are sufficient and successful. In cases where topicals are not enough to control the sweating, there is a possibility or oral medications, Botox injections to inhibit the sweat glands activity and in last instance, sympathectomy, the destruction of the nerve plexus responsible of the innervation of the sweat glands.  If there is an unpleasant odor associated with the sweat, it is caused by a secondary bacterial infection and needs to be treated with topical antibacterial agents.

Don’t be shy of your condition and come visit your podiatrist. We will take care of you! Oh, and “No sweat”!

Check out our awesome video that will explain and give you more information about sweaty feet!

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