November is American Diabetes Month and a time when we pay particular attention to the explosive growth of diabetes and the major foot complications that can plague sufferers. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause foot numbness so that cuts and other foot damage goes undetected until the problem has worsened.

A diabetic foot ulcer can lead to amputation. Fortunately, taking proper care of your feet and having regular exams by your foot doctor can avoid these outcomes.

Avoid serious diabetic foot complications by following these tips:

  • Inspect your feet carefully every day—Look for cuts, blisters, swelling or redness. Check between your toes since problems are often overlooked in this area. Check the bottoms of your feet with a mirror to get a good look.
  • Clean and dry your feet at least once per day—Wash and dry your feet at least once a day to keep fungi, bacteria, and viruses under control.
  • Proper toenail cutting—Cut them straight across and not too short to help prevent ingrown toenails.
  • Treat corns and calluses properly—Skin conditions should be treated by your podiatrist to avoid any cuts and possible infections or foot ulcers.
  • Wear diabetic shoes and custom orthotic insertsAlways wear comfortable and supportive shoes with orthotics inserts from your foot doctor to shift pressure away from problem areas.
  • Avoid using tobacco—Tobacco products restrict blood flow and contributes to peripheral nerve problems.
  • Have regular checkups with your foot doctor—Develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the ongoing care of your feet. 

Fortunately, with proper adherence to these essential care tips you can manage your diabetes and avoid future complications, so see your foot doctor for an evaluation. At Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists, Dr. Melissa Robitaille and Dr. Todd Newsom treat virtually all types of foot and ankle disorders including bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and heel pain. Equipped with leading-edge technologies such as extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) and laser surgery for toenail fungus, we provide specialized, compassionate service for patients in the Pooler, Georgia area of Chatham County. For any pain and discomfort you are experiencing with your feet and ankles, contact us today at (912) 988-3323.

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