How much time do I need to train for a marathon?

Everybody’s body is different so there is no exact answer to this question. You should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping. You also should be running on an average or 12-15 miles per week for a few weeks before starting most training. Importantly this depends on your finish time goal and the level of training you are looking to train at. Most importantly increase mileage each week.


I missed a week of training. Can I still finish?

Of course! Life happens, and many people miss training runs during their training period. Sometimes there are factors in our hectic life that don’t allow us to run. You will be fine, just be sure to pick yourself back up and continue on with your training. You can do it!


Do I need to train using a heart rate monitor?

No, heart rate monitors are completely optional. They can be helpful so you can check your overall fitness level and where you stand, but not necessarily needed.


What kind of diet should I follow?

Carbohydrates will provide your fuel. It is recommended that 65% of your calories come from carbohydrates, 10% from protein, and 25% from unsaturated fats.


Should I lift weights while training?

Once again lifting weights is optional during training.

Lifting weights is optional during training. Light to moderate lifting can be good for increasing strength, but you  do NOT have to lift weights in order to run a marathon or half marathon.


What are good snacks for runners?

Fruits, any kind of trail mix, and nuts are great healthy choices!


What is a good finish time goal for a first marathon?

Just finishing the marathon is a great goal. Setting a specific time goal should be secondary. As you get closer to the end of your training you will get a good idea of what a good time goal with be. Training for a marathon is a huge responsibility and demands tons or your time and energy. Once you have completed your first marathon, you will have the experience and guidance and then you will know what to expect. At this point you can set a time to beat if you decide to do another marathon in the future.


How do I select a pair of running shoes?

Running shoes will be the most vital part of all your running gear. A local running specialty store is the best place to find the right pair for you. At these types of stores you have experienced runners who can make sure you are buying the best shoe for your foot type. You should take your old pair of shoes with you because by looking at the bottoms of the shoes this will help them to evaluate your pronation.


How can I prevent blisters on my feet?

Blisters can be a real pain when running. They can be painful and annoying. Before you go for long runs, apply a small amount of Vaseline to both of your feet. The small amount of Vaseline will reduce friction and lessen the likelihood of getting blisters. If you wear synthetic running socks that pull in moisture from your feet they can be extremely helpful. When you get a new pair of running shoes, wear them on lower mileage runs and break them in first before you wear them on a long run.


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