Simple quick tips to get you flip flops that fit! Today is Nation Flip-Flop Day and I only see it appropriate to talk about the dreaded and simultaneously loved Flip Flop. Read below for tips on picking and wearing the appropriate flipflop.   1.  Avoid the “Shower Shoe” type flip-flop.  We all have them. The $1.99 flip-flop that you wear in college showers and as house shoes. They are $2 for a reason people! They are thin, easily compressible and way too flexible. This can cause you to trip and slip.   2.  Opt to wear flip-flops that are dense or have a clunkier base to them. This will provide more stability and shock absorption. Also, prolonged standing will have a less painful effect by the end of the day.   3.  If you do not like a “thong” between your toes, opt for a slide-in sandal with a supportive base. The lack of the thong while walking will result in decreased chance of blister formation between the toes.   4.  Look for brand name slogans like “Cloud” or “Comfort Wear”. These terms are usually synonymous with comfort and cushioning in a flip-flop. These are most likely not the most trendy style of flip-flop but usually amazingly comfortable.   So, If you must wear flip-flops this summer as most of us will, follow these few simple steps. Your feet will thank you.

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