One of the newest and most promising treatments for Toenail Fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is called Fungal Toenail Laser Surgery. This treatment has shown great promise in effectively treating Toenail Fungus, a common and as of now, often unsolvable ailment. Usually treated with oral or topical medications, toenail fungus has a way of returning. Recent studies have shown that using a specific laser reduces the fungus better than many other treatments. This is the type of cutting-edge treatment Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialist can bring to the health of your feet.

Symptoms of a Toenail fungus can include:

  • Discoloration of your toenail – usually yellow, brown or white
  • Flaky debris – can occur on or under the nail
  • Detachment – the nail can loosen
  • Thickening – the nail can become heavier than usual
  • Change in shape – the nail can grow in an unusual direction

Laser treatment works to kill the fungus through the application of heat through its waves of emitted pulses of energy. The laser penetrates through the toenail all the way to the bed of the nail where the fungal microbes are said to thrive. Because the waves of energy emitted by the laser, the patient feels very little if anything in the way of pain.

Laser treatments can be one or more sessions, most likely more, but is seen to be very effective in many cases. The podiatrist may have to file the nail down to get a better view of the affected areas. Treatment is often only a half hour.

Beside showing promise, laser surgery also doesn’t have the potential side effects of oral treatments which can include a rash, diarrhea and possible liver damage.

If you believe you have a fungal toenail infection and would like to know more about Toenail Fungal Laser Surgery or have any other concerns about your feet, make an appointment with Dr. Melissa Robitaille or Dr. Todd Newsom at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists, 114 Canal St, Suite 703, Pooler, GA, 31322. Call us at (912) 988-3323. 

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