New York Giants players have had some difficulty with injuries to the plantar fascia.Just recently,  New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross suffered a partial tear of his plantar fascia in his right foot.  The plantar fascia is a band of tissue that helps give support to the arch of the foot.  It attaches from the bottom of the heel to the toes. I read about his mishap in an article from and Associated Press).  Ross injured his right foot during a pre-season game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on August 21.  Ross was placed into a cast for about a week.  Last year he suffered a hamstring injury while in camp that caused him to miss four games.  Since Ross’ injury he has been making great progress.  He now wears orthotics, gets a different tape job and has a cushion placed under his heel. Just this week I had a patient whose MRI showed that she has a partial tear of her plantar fascia, which I placed her into a walking cast and suggested orthotics. Also, in October 2009 another Giants player Eli Manning was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.

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