How often should you wear your orthotics to get their full benefit? Certified Pedorthist Demon Thompson tackles the subject (with football analogies to boot!). Orthotics are like eyeglasses, eyeglasses are used to support the weaken structures of your eyes and orthotics are used to support the weaken structures of your feet. As with your eyeglasses if you’re not wearing them the weaken structures of your eyes will not allow you to see properly. Your orthotics work in the same manner. The weaken structures of your feet are supported by the orthotics and allow you to do activities such as work and play with less pain, if you’re not wearing your orthotics these weaken structures are no longer supported and will allow the foot to function in a manner that will cause you pain and discomfort. Some people have the misconception that they should only where their orthotics during exercise and athletics. This thought process could not be further from the truth! The foot and lower extremities are supported by orthotics and this support allows them to work more efficiently. Wearing your orthotics only for exercise puts you at a huge disadvantage. The muscles of your feet have memory and they enjoy consistency. Wearing your orthotics only for exercise and athletics only accounts for a small part of your day. Ok so here is my chance to use my car terminology. Let’s say you could only drive your car for a couple of hours in the morning and the rest of the day you had to walk everywhere you went. You would be extremely tired, right? So, if you only wear your orthotics for a portion of the day, the muscles of your feet and legs would not be allowed to work at their peak performance, thus causing your muscles to fatigue by the end of the day. Wearing your orthotics keeps you in the game, if Michael Vick went in the game without his helmet I’m sure he would not make it past one play, much less the entire game. Your orthotics are the piece of equipment that’s going to keep you in the game, but your equipment is worthless sitting in the locker room. Your orthotics are a vital piece of equipment, and if worn can aid in a more functional and productive life style. Orthotics provides you with support and comfort while doing day to day activities and promotes healthier feet. The staff of Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialist is dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of the feet of our patients and educating the public on the health of their feet. For more information visit our web site at or call our office at 912-355-4557.

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