10 Things your Podiatrist Should Tell You!   1. When going to buy new shoes from a shoe store, your salesperson should measure your feet!  Just like your eyes change, your feet change with age and some of you have been wearing the same size for years. Make sure you are purchasing the right size.   2. You can avoid having smelly feet! Just like you use deodorant, try an antiperspirant for your feet. We offer a spray foot powder called Gordon’s No. Five that works great to help stop perspiration odor! Another tip would be to alternate your shoes so they have a chance to completely air out. Always wear socks! Sweat promotes growing bacteria and when your shoes stay moist it is more likely to develop fungus.   3. BEWARE of nails salons! Foot tubs are extremely bacteria filled and many places don’t even clean out their tubs. So many germs get stuck in the jets and then spray out onto your feet making you more susceptible to infection.   4. Yoga Toes, toe separators, and bunion splints may help your feet feel better. These won’t get rid or your bunion or hammer-toe, that is a structural problem and you may even need surgery. These devices will help with the pain.   5. Buy shoes at a specialty running store. Staff at these stores should be well trained to help you purchase the right athletic shoe for your foot type. They should be able to analyze your foot and gait.   6. If you have dry, cracked feet, try Kerasal. Kerasal is an over the counter product that softens severely cracked heels and rough, dry feet. It is a one-step exfoliating moisturizer foot therapy.   7. If you aren’t going to get a pedicure from our office and you want to go elsewhere, PLEASE don’t shave right before you go. You might be embarrassed by your stubble, but it is better to have a bit of hair that to have bacteria and fungus go into the tiny nicks on your ankle causing infection.   8. Over the counter orthotics are NOT “custom-fit”. Over the counter inserts are okay to use if you’re just in need of some arch support or a little bit of padding. Over the counter inserts are used for a normal foot type. These cookie cutter inserts are not even comparable to the actual custom inserts.  Actual custom inserts are a fiber-glass molding of your feet. Over the counter inserts are NOT precise and are NOT made for just your foot.   9. When hurting your foot or ankle don’t head to an orthopedic surgeon, go to a podiatrist. Orthopedic surgeons aren’t specifically trained in the foot and ankle, podiatrists are.   10. Please wash your feet before you go to a podiatrist. Please try to keep your feet as clean as possible. No one wants to deal with dirty feet. Also, change your socks! If your podiatrist isn’t telling you these tips please come put your feet in Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists hands! We can and will help with all of your foot and ankle needs! Call for an appointment today 1-888-506-6652 or go to!

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