Women all around the world love, love, love their high heel shoes. In the media there are reminders of new fashionable trends in footwear. What do you know- your favorite celebrity just wouldn’t happen to be performing the most difficult choreography in the flashiest Ferragamo 6 inch stilettos… Wow, now that’s how I want to look in my heels. Yeah, I know that’s not what your thinking but, there are some that are… What about the women in magazines with the 6 inch Jimmy Choos. Not one woman thinks when she look at these shoes on other women, boy I would kill for those corns, I love her hammertoes or, now that’s a foot blisters to die for. Some women are thinking about the vanity of the shoe versus the real world approach to comfort. The question may not be how keep you from ruining your feet but, how can we discover a middle ground for the high heel wearers. Some of you would confess to wearing high heels for career advancement or attracting a mate. We know that most women are not going to give up their heels. Research suggests that the damage to feet is real, though there is considerable disagreement about how it manifests. For example, some researchers lump high heels and sandals as “poor” shoes, even though the sandals have a very different biomechanical effect on the foot and are worn daily by billions of people worldwide without harmful effects. Researchers in South Korea reported that high heels altered the activity of lower extremity muscles during climb. In the United States there was a study that displayed how high heels altered plantar flexion, knee flexion, vertical ground reaction force, and braking force. There have been numerous publications that documented associations between high heel wear and the increased risk of knee osteoarthritis(OA) in women. Regardless of the pain women may have to encounter down the road, many are still determined to of-course, continue to strut their stuff in their heels. Let’s come to a common ground. Why not wear high heels in moderation. Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. As humans, we are not meant to walk around on our toes all day. Excessive high heel wear can result in problems such as: neuromas, hammer-and claw toes, bunions, and bone spurs. Try and keep your heels under 21/4inches and wear higher heels only to brief functions (a party or dinner out). Although women can often get away with ignoring such advice in their 20s or 30s, it will catch up with them in their 40s and later. You do not want to have corrective surgery due to your own neglect in caring for your feet properly. If you have problems with your feet, call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists, we can help you solve any foot or ankle issue today. Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists has 5 locations to serve you. We provide 24 hour emergency coverage. If you have an emergency during working hours, we offer immediate walk-in service with treatment in the office. SAVANNAH, Georgia 803East 68th StreetSavannah, Georgia 31405Phone: 912-355-4557STATESBORO, Georgia606 South Zetterower AvenueStatesboro, Georgia 30458Phone: 912-489-3668 HINESVILLE, Georgia502 E. General Stewart Way, Ste. CHinesville, Georgia 31313Phone: 912-463-4517CLAXTON, Georgia200 North River StreetClaxton, Georgia 30417Phone: 912-739-5934BLUFFTON / HILTON HEAD, South CarolinaACROSS FROM USCB300 New River Parkway Suite 21Hardeeville, South Carolina 29927Phone: 843-208-3338Melissa F. Robitaille, DPMMedicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Childrenhttps://www.atlanticfeet.com

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