“Baby its COLD outside!”  Yes, it is!

I have been noticing that my skin has been much drier and dehydrated since the noticeable change in weather here in Southeast Georgia. So, in the wake of these frigid conditions, I decided to share my tried and true method of hydrating my feet.  I even use this method on my entire body! Shhhh!!!

This method is simple and succinct and should take only minutes. What you will need: A shower, lotion of choice, Coconut oil, plastic bag(s) and cotton socks.

First, shower thoroughly using a moisturizing body wash or soap. After your shower, blot your skin and feet dry with a towel with care not to leave your skin completely dry (skin should be damp with visible beds of water ).  Next apply a lotion of your choice. I prefer Bath and Body Works Body Creams with Shea Butter. 

After this, apply coconut oil to skin of body and feet.  Since it is pretty impractical to wrap your entire body in plastic, the next step is “solely for your feet”. Finally, apply plastic bags to both feet followed by socks. All socks to stay in place for a minimum of 30 minutes. When you remove your socks you feet will feel right as rain!!

I hope this quick tip helps you in having softer skin and most importantly, softer feet!!

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