It’s that time of year again…yep that’s right, time to pull out the glass slippers of the South; the much loved Flip Flop. What goes along with the ole slippers?  Pretty toes of course! But wait! Don’t just run off to the corner Pedi-Palace! It’s important to make your you get a sterile pedicure, other wise you risk athletes foot, toenail fungus, or even infection! Before we all rush off to get those winter feet soaked, buffed and polished let’s go over some safety tips to keep your feet princess perfect.  

Sterile Pedicure Checklist

  They’ll pamper your feet, but is that pedicure really sterile? Dirty tools: Make sure your spa or nail salon is using sterile pedicure procedures. Never get a pedicure from a practitioner reusing tools without sterilizing in between! Look around for a UV Sterilizer. If you aren’t sure about the sterilization process in your salon, it is completely appropriate to bring your own tools. It’ll just be one less thing they have to clean (if they do) at the end of the day!   Dirty Tubs: Wiping down a foot spa is not enough. Fungus and other bacteria often breed in wet, dark environments, like the spa tubing (piping). Soaking your feet in someone else’s foot debris is not only disgusting, it’s dangerous. Your nail salon should completely clean the tub after every use. You can ask the nail tech to remove the spa jets for your inspection. To be safe bring your own tub liner. They can be purchased at beauty supply stores for about $1.00 each. That’s pretty cheap price to prevent tough to kill nail fungus!   Improper Procedures: Never let someone razor your feet! It is illegal in most states unless you’re in a medical office. If your a diabetic then even the “safe” Pedegg is a big no-no.  Nicks and cuts  provide  easy entry for bacteria to enter . Many people have gotten infections from little cuts gotten at the salon. An open wound of any kind should bring your pedicure to a halt.  It is also advised to avoid shaving your legs with in 24 hours of getting your pedicure.   If you’re pedicurist just isn’t standing up to these tests remember Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists has a Sterile Pedicure Spa service, available at all it’s Georgia and South Carolina locations! So no matter if you need a sterile pedicure in Savannah, Statesboro, Hinesville, Claxton or Hardeeville, just call 912-355-4557 to schedule your safe and clean pedicure today!

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