This August, the doctors at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists want to bring your attention to something very important – melanoma. It’s one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, and since summer is in full swing, you must do whatever you can to prevent it. Taking care of your feet also means taking care of the skin on your feet. Did you know most cases of foot skin cancer go unnoticed? Fight back against skin cancer this summer with our top three tips!

Inspect Your Feet

Have you recently grown a new mole or spot on your foot? Don’t ignore it! New spots or moles, especially after you turn 21, are worth looking at and paying attention to.

  1. Check your feet every day.
  2. Perform a head-to-toe skin check monthly.
  3. Trust your gut.

Consider What’s Changing

Have you noticed any changes to your moles or blemishes? That’s something to take seriously. Look for differences in shape, size, color, and texture.

  1. No change is insignificant.
  2. Regular checks make it easier to spot changes.
  3. Take pictures and bring them to your appointment.

Call Your Podiatrist

Does your skin hurt? Do you have a bleeding mole or notice an unusual outline? Are you worried about your chances of developing skin cancer? Trust your gut and call your doctor ASAP. If your skin change occurs for over three weeks, it’s time to discuss it.

  1. Talk with your family members about their skin history.
  2. Can’t see or reach your feet? Ask for help.
  3. Don’t delay treatment.

Skin cancer is among the most diagnosed forms of cancer. Luckily, it’s preventable; if you catch it soon enough, you’ll likely have a positive outcome. If you suspect you have skin cancer, call us today!

At Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are committed to providing specialized, compassionate services for our patients. Melissa Robitaille, DPM, and Todd Newsom, DPM, offer treatments for various foot and ankle disorders with leading-edge technology. Contact our office in Chatham County at (912) 988-3323 to make an appointment today.

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