Saint Patrick’s Day (also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick) is a cultural and religious celebration that takes place every year on March 17, commemorating the most widely-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the United States, primarily as a recognition of Irish and Irish American culture. In fact, we have been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day since the late 18th century!

Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in the US usually include prominent displays of the color green, religious observances, popular events and festivities, and numerous parades. In Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day is the largest annual celebration. But the festivities are not just confined to Saint Patrick’s Day, as the city is rocked by a lot of fun events for the entire month. This is why March is one of the best times to visit Savannah.

The beautiful azaleas are in full bloom, the weather is perfect, and Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are in full swing! There’s no doubt that Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah is the best and most exciting time of the year, with all sorts of events bringing in guests and locals to go and grab their greens, step out, and have some fun.

But the immense popularity of this celebration didn’t just come overnight for Savannah, as it took more than a century of the famous and much-anticipated Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to get the oldest city in the state on the map. Holding one of the largest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in the country, Savannah is one of the hottest cities in the nation, ranking the third largest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in the world.

The parade travels through the Savannah Historic District, a National Historic Landmark District filled with 18th- and 19th-century architecture and green spaces. If you want to start the celebration right on Saint Patrick’s Day, then you better kick off with the parade and enjoy the city-wide festivity.

You need to pick the perfect spot on the parade route, settle in and watch as floats, bands, cars, and many other kinds of groups march in the parade. This green celebration lasts for several hours, so you need plenty of time to make your way over to see it. If you don’t have a solid plan, however, things might just get crazy, what with over 500,000 visitors coming in to town to celebrate.

A Pain-Free, Hassle-Free Celebration

While we’re on the topic of coming up with a nice plan for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, let me remind you that, besides looking for the right spot to enjoy the festivities, you also need to wear the right footwear since the celebration lasts for hours. You don’t want your feet to feel all numb and sore while everyone else is having fun, do you?

Also, there has been a number of complaints, reports, and blog posts about people spraining their ankles while walking the cobblestoned streets in Savannah, particularly in the Savannah Historic District where the parade passes through. If you’ve visited the city before and you’ve had the same complaint during the festivities, then the cobblestoned streets are what probably did it.

Most of us take our feet for granted, and so they’re overworked and under-appreciated. Why not give them the care they deserve and treat them with more love and respect? After all, they help you travel to places like Savannah, with its cobblestoned streets. Yup, that’s a destination that’s going to be pretty rough on the feet.

If you’re planning to visit Savannah this year for Saint Patrick’s Day, then you need to come up with a better plan – one that won’t have you limping and hopping! Remember that your tootsies always need to be in excellent condition (especially at a time like this). If you don’t want your feet to cause you all sorts of grief, then you need to take better care of them. Remember that they bear the brunt of carrying all the weight all day!

Taking Care of Your Tootsies

Nope, those pair of high heels or Chucks aren’t going to cut it when your feet get all the beating over bumpy streets. Save the fancy shoes for a date or a special occasion, and wear something more comfortable this coming Saint Patrick’s Day.

Consider wearing flat, roomy, comfortable footwear that are still fashionable. For the ladies who insist on going for a heel, try a wedge heel instead. It will save your feet and also save you from your heels getting caught in cobblestone streets and pavement cracks. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

The cobblestone streets in Savannah don’t have to put a damper on your travel itinerary. It’s all just a matter of good planning and proper foot care. Make sure to listen to your body. If you experience foot and ankle pain during the celebration, stop what you’re doing at once or change your activity until the pain subsides.

Most strains and sprains can be treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). If the pain is becoming intolerable, however, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately for foot and ankle injuries, especially if it’s already causing you to limp or if there is swelling in the affected area. Timely and appropriate treatment ensures the best possible recovery.

Lets All Have Fun!

Ah, there really are a lot of things to see and do during Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah. All you need is a map and a nice pair of walking shoes. So get the right shoes and be nice to your feet. Remember, they take you places!

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