Custom made foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts which can help reduce, or even eliminate, the pain associated with a multitude of problems of the foot and ankle. They function by creating better alignment of the joints of the foot, thus decreasing fatigue and increasing the efficiency of how we walk and function.  The majority of painful conditions of the foot and ankle stem from poor alignment or poor mechanics of the foot.  The best example of  this, is a patient who has inherited flat feet from their parents. The poor alignment and function of a flat foot will lead to increase stress to the joints and soft tissues. This will commonly result in foot pain. Custom made orthotics can help alleviate these symptoms and avoid the need for more invasive treatments, including surgery.

A good analogy is thinking of the alignment of one’s car.  If the alignment of the wheels is poor this will lead to increase stress on the tires.  The tread on the tire with increased stress begins to wear down faster, and if the poor alignment is neglected for a long enough period of time, a blowout will eventually occur. In the case of poor foot structure, the blowout we will see is pain.  A custom made orthotic helps to better align the foot and distributes pressure more evenly over the bottom of the foot by decreasing the stress on our joints and soft tissues. The pain associated with poor foot alignment is not just isolated to the foot. Custom made foot orthotics can help many patients with pain to the knees, hips and back.  The foot can be thought of as the first building block, the foundation, of our bodies.  If the foundation of our house is not properly built, whatever goes on top of it is likely to suffer. 

Patients frequently ask, “Are the over the counter inserts made by Dr Scholl’s good enough?” The simple answer is NO.  A custom made device will always be superior because it is specifically made for you and your foot.  The structure and way our feet function is unique, just as we all are different from one another. The way your orthotics are made will depend  on multiple factors, including your foot type, age, weight, activity level, occupation and the specific foot problem you are experiencing.  They will be made from materials which are far better and more durable than those used in over the counter shoe inserts.  To be casted for a pair of custom orthotics call our office and schedule your appointment today. With our new orthotic lab we will cast you and have your orthotics to you within 2 weeks.

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