Ant bites are a common occurrence at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists in Statesboro. Today, I had the pleasure of treating a lovely, spirited female patient. She was approximately 75 years of age with the most pleasant demeanor. I noticed that there were multiple ant bite pustules located on the top of both feet. Before I can address the lesions I am interrupted with the most eye opening monologue. The following ensues:Patient: “I know those bites are all over my feet but they could have been much worse doc!” “Do you know why they stop hurting me so bad?”Me: *inquisitive stare*Patient: “I put Clo-White on it!” “It burned a little but it stopped and now they don’t hurt a bit!”As the conversation continues I have a thought in the back of my mind to make a beeline to the nearest computer so that I can google Clo-White. Since I have become familiar with the terms “Mecurochrome” and “salve”, I know that I have to add this one to my southern terminology arsenal. I find out that “Clo-White” is a brand of bleach that was on the market back in 1994 and manufactured in Hampton, Georgia. Now I understand why it burned her so much and why Iwas so unfamiliar with the brand.So in short, please do not use Bleach on your skin as it is a caustic agent that can cause severe skin irritation and/or allergic reactions. You may think of the old adage of “if it burns…it’s working”, but think more so that “if it burns…it’s probably just BURNING”! Also, please, please, please, especially do not use bleach that is no longer manufactured in this country on your skin either. Stick to the over the counter remedies like the tried and true Neosprin and TripleAntibiotic, but most of all keep educating me as I never want to stop learning and I can never pass up a clever anecdote!

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