Who is excited about this warmer weather? I know I am. If you’re anything like me, donning a breezy pair of sandals seems like just the thing when heading to the beach or enjoying some fresh air on a warm day.

While bearing those toes can seem like a great idea during these warm months, we need to take some precaution.  Just because it is summer does not mean you get to take a vacation from proper shoe gear! Below are some characteristics of sandals that are less likely to sideline your summer with foot pain or send you to the ER with a sprain.  Flip-flops can seem comfortable, cheap and easy to slip on and off, but they do your feet no favors in the long run.



  Contoured Footbed: Many sandals have flat foot beds that offer little support. Look for sandals that contain contour or a rising curvature in the arch portion of the shoe. Extra points are awarded to sandals that cradle the heel.

  Cushioned Sole: Look for sandals that offer shock absorption features. Cushioning in the heel is particularly important, as this is the part of the foot that strikes the ground hardest while walking.

  Foot Straps: It does not matter if your sandal closes with a buckle or Velcro, what is important is that the shoe holds your foot securely in place. The heel should not slide up and down and the foot should not travel back and forth in the sandal.     

  Note: If you are being treated for certain conditions such as diabetes, neuropathy, or peripheral vascular disease, it is best to check with your podiatrist if sandals are an appropriate choice of foot wear (your podiatrist will most likely give some great recommendations for light, breezy closed toe options).

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