Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is an infection of the nail causing the nail to appear darkened, yellow or discolored nails that may become brittle or thick.  This can be caused by a variety of things, including, but not limited to heavy foot perspiration, poor shoe ventilation, and walking barefoot in areas such as gym locker rooms or pool areas.


Until recently the majority of treatments for toenail fungus have been split into two categories; topical and oral.  Topical medications are generally used over many months, and require constant re-application and are mostly ineffective except on the most mild of nail fungus. Oral medications (such as Lamisil) can be effective on more severe cases, but carry more potentially dangerous side effects, such as liver or kidney damage.

Laser therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional treatments for toenail fungus. It is a safe treatment that is effective immediately. The laser targets the cell walls of the fungus, leaving behind only healthy cells. After the treatment the only thing needed is patience, as nails take 3-6 months to grown out.  New clear nail growth will appear at the base of the nail as the fungal portion grows out.

  • Safe and painless treatment
  • No side effects or medications
  • Absolutely no recovery time, walk in and walk out
  • Only 10 minutes required to treat toe nails on both feet

Top 10 Laser F.A.Q.’s

1. How does the laser work?
The laser light frequency effects only cells with cell walls, such as plant cells (i.e. fungi) but passes harmlessly through cell membranes (ex. human skin and the toenail cells). At the time of the procedure, the toe nail will not instantly become fungal free, but rather the fungal nail will grow out and be replaced by new healthy nail.

2. What can I expect in the physician’s office?
A consultation with your physician and most likely a sample of the fungus will be taken and tested to confirm the infection is a fungus. Once the infection is confirmed as fungal the laser treatment will be scheduled.

3. Is the procedure painful?
No. In most instances patients describe a warming sensation on the toes treated.

4. Is there a recovery period?
There is no recovery period. The patient is free to return to work or leisure activities the same day as treatment. However, effects of the laser can take an average of 8-10 months to show.

5. How long does the procedure take?
The laser treatment takes less than 10 minutes for both feet to be treated.

6. Will the fungus come back?
Your physician will recommend care techniques to reduce the likelyhood of re-infection. There is always chance of re-infection because fungus is present in many environments. Preventative maintenance treatments are also recommended.

7. When can I paint my nails or have a pedicure?
You can apply polish immediately after the treatment. It is very important to remove all nail polish and nail decorations at least a full day before your treatment.

8. How do I pay for the treatment?
Credit cards, cash, and checks are all accepted forms of payment. You may also use your Medical IRA, Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account. We also accept Care Credit.

9. Is this covered by my insurance?
This procedure is considered aesthetic and therefore health insurance plans do not provide coverage. However, If you have a Health Savings Account or Medical IRA, 100% of the cost may be covered.

10. Is it FDA cleared?
Yes, it is FDA cleared for the increase of clear nail in patients affected by onychomycosis.

Watch Laser Therapy for Nail Fungus in Action