It’s time again for the Savannah Bridge Run, but are you ready for this 5k? Not to mention the 10K or the Double Pump! Use these simple tips to help you get your best Savannah Bridge Run time yet!

  • Change Your Running Route to Include More HillsRemember that the Talmadge Bridge has an almost 6%  gradient, and your body will use your muscles much differently when tackling this run than your average Lowcountry flat runs.
  • Keep a Steady Pace Going Up – While some people think they need to blast through the incline, this ends up being very inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. Save that energy for the decline, when you can use gravity to help really improve your time.
  • Don’t try to “Make Up Time” too much on the way down the Bridge – Year after year this tactic has seen runners end up with a fair share of stress fractures, brusining and injuries to the achilles tendon as well as the plantar fascia. Remember, your foot has a little farther to fall with each step on a downhill slope, which can mean increased pressures and increased likelyhood of injury. A steady pace slightly faster than your average 5k pace should do the trick.
  • Drink Plenty of Fluid Before the Race – Dehydration can cause blood volume to drop off causing your body’s ability to transfer heat to decrease, and speed up your heart beat.
  • Do Not Use Brand New Shoes for the Bridge Run – Make sure to break in new shoes for a period of 1-2 weeks of shorter runs before race day.
  • Rest Before the Race – While you should definitely get lots of rest the night before the race, sometimes pre-race jitters can interrupt your normal sleep pattern. Make sure to get your long nights of sleep the 2-3 days before the race, that way you’ll still have plenty of rest despite those sleepless pre-race nights. 
  • Warm Up Using Dynamic Stretches/Static Stretches After the Race – Dynamic stretches increase your range of motion, think Ankle Pops, High Knees, Butt Kicks and Low Lunges. Static Stretches will help with cool down, try Groin Stretches, Calf Stretches and Hamstring Stretches.
  • Have a Small Meal Before the Race – Especially if you’re only running the 5k. Stick with something simple that your body is used to, now is not the time for trying something new. Simple whole wheat toast with peanut butter or a small bowl of oatmeal should do the trick, and will provide some needed carbohyrdates. If you’re running the 10k or the double pump, try to load up on carbs the night before the race.
  • Find a Committed Running Partner – Not only can a running partner provide encouragement, but they are also help you improve your form and are great pace setters.
  • Replenish Lost Electrolytes – If memory serves right, the Savannah Bridge Run has free beer after the finish line. One beer after a workout will actually rehydrate you faster than water, because the salts, sugars, and bubbles in beer enhance your body’s ability to absorb the water content! Now as far as the second or third beer go, expect the opposite, so limit your intake post race to one.
  • Now you are ready to conquer the Savannah Bridge Run! We’ll see you at the top! Remember that pain in your feet and ankles is not normal, so if you are experiencing pain please call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists to schedule an appointment, 912-355-4557 or go to our Appointments page here.

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