With a goal of getting people back to their optimal health, a Physical Therapists combines research with clinical technique.  A Physical Therapist has the skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, prevent, and treat the conditions that are hindering your body from moving and functioning properly.  A practicing physical therapist has passed a national board exam, holds a state license, and typically has obtained a graduate level college degree; with most PT programs now operating at the doctoral level.  Ideally, in addition to these regulatory standards, your therapist should have obtained an advanced board certification in a sub-specialty (i.e. orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, pediatrics, etc).   Less than 10% of all physical therapists have their Orthopedic Specialist Certification.  Our new therapist, Dr. Mike Parsons, is a board certified orthopedic specialist and he is eager to help you conquer your physical ailments.  You can count on Mike to call upon science and research as he works to restore movement, reduce pain, and improve your function.  And, along the way, Mike will educate you on your condition.  Dr. Parsons loves to teach patients about their bodies, help them gain an understanding of why they are in physical therapy, and empower them to restore their optimal function.  Good things are happening at AFAS!  Come see us today and meet Mike Parsons, PT, DPT, OCS.

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