For those who have tried just about everything to get rid of achy feet due to arthritis, diabetes, or flat feet, you may feel like giving up and accepting the pain. But there’s one solution you might not have tried yet – orthotics. Custom orthotics are a go-to medical device for podiatrists because of how much it aids in comfort for patients. In some cases, it may even treat your condition.

Custom orthotics are similar to a shoe insert you can pick up at any drugstore, but as you can guess, they’re made just for you. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about orthotics and how they can help your feet!

The Basics of Orthotics

There are two different types of orthotics – functional orthotics and accommodative orthotics.

Below are some of the differences:

  • Accommodative orthotics are soft (usually made of compression materials), providing support to your feet and ankles. Soft orthotics are particularly helpful for those with plantar fasciitis and ulcers.
  • Functional orthotics are rigid (usually made of plastic) and help those who are experiencing pain in their feet, thighs, or lower back due to their condition.

Are Orthotics Right for You?

Orthotics can help a wide range of people with very different conditions and ailments. Custom inserts may be a good idea if you have one of the following:

How They Work

While functional orthotics can fit right into your go-to pair of shoes, accommodative orthotics are best worn inside prescribed or custom footwear because of their bulkiness. For those who ski and ice skate, you can get custom sports orthotic inserts for your boots and skates!

The main objective of custom orthotics is to get the best fit. During your appointment, your foot doctor will make a mold of your feet which will then be turned into either functional or accommodative orthotics. Wearing orthotics may be uncomfortable at first, as your feet adjust to the mold, but it should never be painful. If they are, tell your podiatrist. Your doctor will likely make a follow-up appointment to check in on how well your orthotics are working and by then, you should feel a noticeable improvement.

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