Many individuals have never gone to visit a podiatrist or neglect to think that their feet should be check just like their teeth. When some people finally decide to see a foot & ankle specialists, they notice had they went a long time ago, possible issues could have been caught and treated in the early stages. Any foot or ankle related issues can be treated by a podiatrist. From muscular to skeletal different treatment options can be used by podiatrists to alleviate or successfully your problem. Why wait so long to visit if you know that the pain or unsightly appearance will only lead to more discomfort or makes you feel uneasy.Here are clues that you should look into proper foot care: Do you have heel pain? Well, it may not go away. You need to have your feet examined to determine what type of heel pain you have and get the proper treatment. You want to rule out possibility of bone spurs, gout crystals, and other injuries by visiting the podiatrist and not taking heel pain lightly. Discolored or yellow toenails need to be looked at even if you think it’s not serious. Usually this is a type of fungus of the nail which can be very easily treated with topical ointments, and in severe cases oral medications which are monitored by the podiatrist.Ingrown toenails should be taken seriously because,they can become very infected at a fast rate. This can be caused by curvature or skin growth, actually grows into the skin and creates a very painful border to a toenail.Other problems that should be a red flag are: open sores, bunions, hammer toes, discomfort with toenails, pain in the ball of the foot,a gout flare up, abnormal swelling or numbness. Do not take your feet for granted, call us today if you have questions 912-355-4557 or visit our website, We treat children and adults. We will help you. Melissa Robitaille, D.P.M.Medicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Children

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