Your feet are your foundation for everything you do in life. After years of walking, exercising, standing, and even doing damage to your feet you need some sort of support to fix the underlying issues your feet are dealing with. Orthotics are a device that slip into your shoes that fix underlying misalignment issues your feet are facing. But before purchasing them it is important to see if you are a good candidate for orthotics.

          Your podiatrist will conduct a thorough biomechanical evaluation of your feet, usually to include x-rays and ultrasounds, both of which are available in all of our offices. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for orthotics we will then need to decipher which kind of orthotics will work best for you. There are two different ways for us to measure and fabricate a custom orthotic for you.

          The first way is by using our FootMaxx© device. The FootMaxx© is a gait analysis and foot pressure mapping test that scans your feet as you walk. This device gives us data showing your arch type, flat footed, low arched or high arched. Also, this device can show us whether your feet tend to pronate or supinate (walk on the inside or outside of your foot). We tend to use the FootMaxx© for most normal foot types. Our certified pedorthist will conclude from all the data which orthotic is best for your foot type and order your orthotic.


The second way to fabricate orthotics is by fiberglass casting. When we do a casting you will be seated so your feet are non-weight bearing. We do this so that we can manually place your feet in its proper alignment. Our certified pedorthist will make a fiber glass molding of your foot, then send it off to be fabricated. Casting is usually done when there are more foot complications or if you don’t have a normal foot type, such as very high arches.

Don’t put off foot pain any longer. Orthotics are an investment that is worthwhile. Your foot pain may go away for a few days or the pain may even be off and on, BUT if the underlying foot problem is not corrected the chances of the pain coming back are high. This investment will make a difference in your life and your feet be on the road to pain free living.


Any additional questions place give us a call and the call center will make you an appointment to come in and get casted. Our phone number is 1-888-506-6652. If you would like to learn more about us please check out our website

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