One of the more common treatments for certain foot maladies is the use of an orthotic. An orthotic is a custom fitted shoe insert designed by a podiatrist. While a store-bought shoe insert can help with your specific problem, the orthotic is often the best bet.

Conditions that orthotics treat include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis – an irritation between the heel and the toe bones.
  • Bunion – a bony protrusion near your big toe
  • Achilles tendonitis – the inflammation of the Achilles tendon
  • Heel spurs – an irritation between your heel and arch
  • Metatarsalgia – painful inflammation of the ball of your foot
  • Diabetes – a condition that affects blood sugar or glucose levels
  • Corns – smaller area of thickened skin often between toes
  • High arches – unusually arched inside of the foot in need of support

To create a custom orthotic, your podiatrist will have to take a 3-dimensional cast of your foot. They will also observe your gait and how well you distribute body weight as you walk. Once done, they can begin to craft the specific orthotic just for you.  

Types of orthotics include:

  • Soft orthotic – these are considered cushiony and can be made of jell or other softer material. Often used to help with high impact sports like basketball or tennis.
  • Hard orthotic -considered functional, this type of orthotic is made of more rigid or harder components like carbon or plastic. Designed to help with strains, aches, and pains in your lower abdomen.

Orthotics that are specifically designed by your podiatrist will service your specific conditions. If your orthotic doesn’t fit well could possibly lead to more serious foot maladies.

If you believe you have a condition that may benefit from an orthotic or have any other concerns about your feet, make an appointment with Dr. Melissa Robitaille or Dr. Todd Newsom at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists, 114 Canal St, Suite 703, Pooler, GA, 31322. Call us at (912) 988-3323. They will assess your condition and apply the most appropriate treatment for you.

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