A great explanation of custom foot orthotics, their benefits, and use by Certified Pedorthist Demon Thompson. Certified Pedorthist Demon Thompson shows off a custom orthotic. Before I get into why orthotics should be worn, let me start by giving you a brief explanation as to what orthotics actually are. A custom functional foot orthotic is a device prescribed by a physician created from a non-weight bearing mold of your foot. This device is worn inside  your shoes and can be removed and placed in other shoes. This gives you the freedom of being able to wear your orthotics at all times without having to wear the same pair of shoes. Now that you have had a crash course in  orthotics, let’s get into why you should wear them. Orthotics are used to control the alignment and function of the foot, much like the tire rods are used to control the alignment and function of the tires on your car. In order to treat or prevent an injury that causes force on the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, the feet and body must be in proper alignment. Some people suffer from excessive pronation (when your feet roll in) or excessive supination (when your feet roll out) which can lead to other problems if not corrected. Let’s take your car for an example. If you never correct the alignment on your car, you can change your tires as often as you like, but they will continue to wear faster and faster depending on how bad the alignment becomes. The same goes for your feet. If you never correct the alignment, the excessive pronation and supination will gradually become worse and could ultimately lead to debilitating deformities. Bottom line, everyone will not require the same amount of correction and/or support, but it’s certain that everyone needs some support. Visit your local Podiatrist to find out your exact foot alignment.  You are now armed with the knowledge needed to make informed decision whether you should wear custom orthotics. For an appointment and more information, please visit us at www.atlanticfeet.com or you can call our office at 912-355-4557.

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