I took my 11yr old son to see Dr. Fallon for the first time. The office staff was very helpful and friendly. Dr. Fallon had great bedside manners, and more importantly was very through in his explanation of what was needed for my son. It was very refreshing to go to a physician who takes time with his patients, and I did not feel rushed at all. He made sure all my questions were answered. My son was also very comfortable with him, and really liked his personality. I would certainly recommend him to a family member or friend.-T. Scott
Savannah, GA

I would first like to thank everyone in the Statesboro, Georgia office for the kind and caring compassion, that they have shown me and my mother! On the other hand I would like for your company to know that Demon, has went above and beyond his call of duty! My mother has many mobility issues, but since we have started seeing Demon he has diligently worked hard to give her comfort and mobility!! He has achieved something I thought, was never in my mothers future. And for this I am truly grateful!! So please as a company acknowledge, the hard work and dedication he shows your company and your patients!! God says give and it shall be given back!! He definitely gives his all!!! So thank you for a job well done and putting a smile back on my mothers face!! May the Lord Bless you!!!

-D. Doyle
Statesboro, GA

I highly recommend this company to anyone who has any type of foot issue, and wants those issues treated right the first time with the latest technology, professionalism, expertise, and care. I came to Atlantic after other doctors failed to close up an open wound in the arch of my left foot. The wound had been open for many months due to prior multiple surgeries to correct plantar fasciitis, and heel spur issues. After multiple failed attempts to close the open wound I asked my PCM for a second opinion. My insurance referred me to Atlantic Foot & Ankle in Hinesville. I knew nothing about the company or its doctors but that was all about to change, and for the better. At my initial appointment I met Dr. Robitaille one of the Podiatrists working out of the Hinesville clinic at the time. I told her up front that I did not believe there was anything more that could be done for my wound based off of the failed attempts of the prior doctors, and that if she told me this, it would be OK, I would not get upset, and would happily leave knowing I gave it my best shot. Well, Dr. Robitaille would not stand for this type of depressed, given-up-hope attitude from me. First thing she did was to quickly diagnose the problem, and develop a course of action for treatment. Dr. Robitaille promised she would do whatever it took, using whatever technology available, to help me through this, and she did. Since then we have been able to concentrate on fixing other foot issues I have with both feet. Thank you Dr. Robitaille, and staff for all you have done, and continue to do to help me.

– D. Lape
Pembroke, GA

“From the time I was kid, I hated my toes. I never wore sandals or even open-toed shoes. At the beach I would tuck the under the sand. Until now! Thanks to Dr. Newsom and Dr. Ferland, after 6 tenectomies, my toes are straight! Everyone in the Pooler office is warm, kind, and professional. There was never a long wait in the waiting room, where there was water and coffee. I just wish I had more curled toes so I could go back! Highly, highly recommended!”

-D. Antosca
Savannah, GA

“Best care I’ve received since my traumatic leg injury in 2013. You’ve given me answers but more importantly your expertise has given me much needed relief! Love this office and staff!”

-L. McCampbell
Ludowici, GA

“I would like to commend the staff at the Hinesville office. I recently visited the office and was so impressed from the initial evaluation to the delivery of my shoe with an excellent brace. Dr. Ferland shows compassion to her patients and was willing to explain X-rays and my options. She recommended a consultation with Demon to look at bracing options. Let me tell you,this young man is wonderful. I felt very comfortable with his expertise and genuine care. He had me pick up a pair of shoes and return them to the office for a brace installment. Demon explained the process of him shipping off the shoe for brace to be built to his specifications. The office called approximately three weeks later with shoe arrival. Demon fitted the shoe on my foot and explained in detail the proper gait walking process that I would need to practice since I had been having to walk on the edge of my foot for so long. I am very thankful to these really caring people and will highly recommend them to anyone.”

-P. Hagan
Waycross, GA

“The professional service at the Statesboro office was very good. The staff was kind and considered. Dr. Jeffress explained my procedure in detail with concern and care.”

– I. Lane
Rocky Ford, GA

“Hello Dr. Robitaille,
You cut on my left ankle several years ago. I had ruptured my tendon. I want you to know I have no limitations with my ankle. Thank you.”

– Greg Proffit
Savannah, GA

Greg is the owner and operator of Savannah by Foot a local walking tour company. He’s on his feet constantly, so to hear news like this is very rewarding for us at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists!

“I visited AFAS yesterday and I wanted to let you know that everything was great!  It was quick and painless and everyone was so nice.  Keep up the good work!

– M. Lowe
Pooler, GA

“Being a ‘refeet’ patient due this time to a broken 5th metatarsal follow through, I was as pleased this go around, as I was for treatment of a neuroma 2 years ago. Accolades all around for Dr. Runkel’s, once again, knowledge, compassion and treatment plans. The team surrounding her in the office are, as well, examples of medical care at its finest. Kudos to all!”

– L. Dowling
Beaufort, SC

“I would like to say I am so very pleased with Dr. Putnam and the entire office. I could not ask for a more kind, generous, and professional group of people. I would like to say thank you all so much for all you have done and continue to do!”

-J. Gordy
Sylvania, GA

“Dr. R is one of the best, if not THE best, physicians from whom I’ve received care. She’s outstanding! She’s very knowledgeable and shows genuine concern; she explains your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis thoroughly. She’s never in a hurry and is always open to any questions you might have. You can tell she loves her job because she displays an eagerness to get you feeling well as soon as possible. She’s never in a hurry and is always very upbeat, which brings me to her staff. They are fantastic! They exhibit the same patient care, concern, and upbeat attitude. I can’t say enough about each and every one of them! The whole team is great.
Highly, highly recommend this great group of health care providers.
PS: Just today I sent a friend to their office on a quasi-emergency and they were, of course, well taken care of and highly pleased with the care they received. I rest my case!!”

-Charlie K.
Hinesville, GA

I began going to Atlantic Foot & Ankle several years ago because of a tonail fungus I got in southern Mexico where my husband and I are missionaries. Dr. Robitaille was wonderful and helped remove most of the fungus through treatment. When you walk into the office, you feel very comfortable and at home. All staff members are kind, patient and caring. I love Dr. Robitaille; in fact, I traveled to Hinesville just to see her for my checkup last fall. She always attentive and you don’t feel as though she is trying to get rid of you in a hurry so she can go on to the next patient. It is like when she is with you, you are the only patient she has. I started taking my 87 yr. old aunt who has horribly thick tonails with fungus. My aunt absolutely loved Dr. Robitaille as much as I do.
– Wanda S.
Springfield, GA

 “I suffered from heel pain close to a year before getting treated at Atlantic Foot & Ankle, Hinesville office. The treatment started with using the least invasive means to my body. They did not start with or suggest steroid injections. I found this type of approach to be in the best interest of the patient. I am currently pain free thanks to the treatment I received. I greatly appreciate the doctors and staff for their professional and kind demeanor. I always felt welcomed and well informed. Thank you Atlantic Foot & Ankle.”

-Paul G.
Hinesville, GA

> “I was very impressed with staff and doctor. I had been to another podiatrist and was not happy. Your business was just what I had hoped it would be. Thank you.”
-Malcolm S.
Hinesville, GA

</em “I went to see Dr. Robitaille because I have intense pain in the heels of my feet. She determined that I have Plantar Fasciitis. When I heard this, I immediately thought that there was no cure, only ways to keep comfortable. I have done research online and I have never seen a “Cure” for this. I was so excited when Dr. Robitaille told me about ESWT. She explained it in a way I understood and gave me hope that I can recover from this. She explained it will take time, but ESWT is the latest and greatest treatment available. I have my first ESWT treatment this week. I am so excited. For the first time, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I love how nice the staff is. You walk in the office and feel like you are chatting with friends. I received so much great information. I really learned a lot. Dr. Robitaille even called me that night to ask how I was doing and how my experience was. That was above and beyond great care. I really appreciated that.
When my husband returns home from deployment, I am sending him to see Dr. Robitaille also. He suffers from knee pain. I know she can help him too. I am thrilled. Thank you Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists for giving me hope. I cant wait to start my ESWT treatments.”
-Rachel G.
Fort Stewart, GA


“I want to express my appreciation to Dr. Robitaille for calling us back twice after my wife called, after hours, about her infected toe.”
-Robert S.
Savannah, GA
“I used to work for Doris Transport and I used to drop off patients to your office and they spoke very highly of your practice. So I decided to use your practice as my primary foot care!”

-Antonio R.
Savannah, GA

“I was experiencing severe pain in both feet, making it very hard to walk, run, and stand for long periods of time. I was completely adamant about not using meds or surgery. Now I feel absolutely amazing! My mobility has improved tremendously allowing me the ability to exercise more. This has allowed me to even lose more weight, making me lighter on my feet. The ESWT and night splints along with professional advise, I’m feeling great! I owe my improved health and increased mobility to the professionals at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists! Thank you.

– Jennifer V.
Fort Stewart, GA

“The atmosphere was very relaxed and yet highly professional. Dr. Putnam was easy to talk to. Great care!”

– James H.
Sylvania, GA

“Very nice staff and the Dr. was amazing in every way I highly recommend this office for fast relief and answers!”

– Yolanda P.
Hinesville, GA

“Caring, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable and ‘big time relief’ are just a few of the words to describe Dr. Runkel and the staff at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists. From limping into the office 2 months ago to back on my treadmill pain free today is nothing short of a miracle. Dr Runkel’s considerate approach in explaining the injury, treatment options and ultimately the treatment plan with no sense of urgency was extremely comforting. It is one of the few times I have felt a doctor in a specific field looked at the whole makeup of a patient, not just the injury. As a senior, it is not always easy to grasp the information put forward; however I left the office each time feeling better physically and emotionally. Thank you Dr. Runkel and Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists…retirement in South Carolina never felt so good.”

– Lynne D.
Beaufort, SC

“Surgery of any type can be frightening. I knew my foot had to be corrected or I would live in flip-flops the rest of my life. The moment I checked in for my first appointment, the gentleman behind the desk let me know that he would “be my guide for the journey to come”. Dr. Fallon is one of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of having as a doctor. He is thorough, competent, straight-forward and extremely easy going. My recovery was greeted with a unlimited amount of refills on a prescription of M&Ms! Every question I had was answered. Every fear was calmed. Now my shoe collection is expanding! Thanks everyone. You ALL are fabulous!”

– Kimberly J.
Pooler, GA

“The hospitality and patience was a great experience . The staff was very knowledge and professional to me about everything that was going on. I felt at ease knowing that they care.”

– Stephen P.
Fort Stewart, GA

“Friendly staff, very professional. My specialists worked hard to expedite my paperwork so that I was able to receive therapy and my orthotics. I would definitely recommend Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists.”

– James C.
Hinesville, GA

“After yeas of pain from a fungus generated ingrown toenail I was delighted to learn that laser treatment of the affected nail bed should eliminate the problem. Everyone from the front desk, to the assistants, to Dr. Runkel are professional and caring. Thank you for your excellent service.”

– Wyona N.
Bluffton, SC

“I injured my ankle recently and thought it wasn’t a big deal just a sprain. After over a month of swelling and pain I was referred by my PC to Atlantic Foot and Ankle. I have never been to a podiatrist specialist before and had no idea what to expect. I had to bring my very busy 4 year old son with me to the appointment and that is never easy! The certified medical assistant went above and beyond the call of duty! I cant thank her enough for how calm and tolerable she was while my son was climbing the walls. She was also very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all of my questions. Dr. Robitaille was wonderful and gentle with my ankle. She listened and cared about the concerns I had with treatment. Her confidence made me feel very comfortable as a recovering patient. Everyone in the office was very kind and intuitive. I highly recommend Atlantic Foot and Ankle.”

-Hannah S.
Hinesville, GA

“Dr. Robitaille and her staff are the best team I have ever had the pleasure of seeing as a patient. She has a genuine concern for her patients and their overall well being. I have been a patient of hers since 2010 and I have enjoyed having her as doctor. I wish that all physicians were as wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and concerned about their patients as she is. Thanks Doc for being the best you and hiring the best staff!!”

Nekka Yates-Mason
Fort Stewart, GA

“My initial foot and ankle injury happened 2 years ago. My first doctor did not heal my injuries to my satisfaction. My family doctor recommended Dr. Runkel. I have been coming to her since August 2013. She has worked with me faithfully. I can honestly say she has healed my injuries. I have been very impressed with Dr. Runkel. She is very compassionate and experienced. She knows what she is doing!”

-Diane Ginn
Varnville, SC

 “For 3 years I was in terrible pain. I went to more than 5 differnt doctors to almost no avail until I made an appointment with Dr. Runkel. She was the first doctor to diagnos a problem and suggest a treatment that decreased my pain level by leaps and bounds. She has offered a very positive outlook to my problem. I am hopeful for the first time in years! Easily my favorite doctor in the world!! And her staff is incredibly nice and helpful.”-Victor Johnson
Ridgeland, SC

“I started going to Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists amost 1 year ago when my foot pain became too bad to tolerate. After being diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis I began treatments in the Statesboro office. Here I have had excellent experiences with all of the staff, Katie, Garrett, Demon, and Dr. Putnam have all been so kind and helpful throughout my care as a patient. Each of them has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I am comfortable with the therapies and answer all of my questions. Not only are they an incredible group of people, they have helped me go from immense pain in my feet (to the point of barely being able to walk) to virtually pain-free today! Also, as a pharmacist, I am now better equipped to help my patients because of the knowledge they have shared with me. I am happy to recommend Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists to anyone in need of excellent foot care. Thanks guys for giving me such “happy feet”!
-Holly Cagle
Statesboro, GA
“I wish to express my appreciation for your loving care during my doctor visits and surgery. Your staff has qualities of being patient, gentle and understanding. Thanks for making that a priority in treating patients. Thanks for the sweets I received during my recovery. May God continue to bless and keep each one of you in his loving care. Thank you and blessyou all.”
-Jean Wilson
“After suffering heel pain for six weeks, I was referred to AFAS for treatment. I was diagnosed and treated by injection on my first visit. The pain was completely gone within two days and I have remained pain free for several weeks since. Thank you AFAS.”
-Bill McBrine
“I am a very satisfied patient of Dr. Jeffress and the Statesboro office. I have fungal toenails, which they treat, trim and buff. After my visit I have no more pain in my toenails!”Eva Sparks
Statesboro, GA
“Before I found help at Atlantic Foot & Ankle, I had such pain in my heels that I could barely walk across the parking lot to the store. I had to cut my shopping trips very short because I was in pain. With each step the pain was more and more severe. I started coming to the office and after evaluation was given the opportunity to have ESWT on my heels. I was skeptical but I felt like I had nothing to lose. After my treatments of ESWT on both of my achilles I am now walking 3 miles everyday in addition to my normal shopping routines. I can walk the mall for hours. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome. The only bad thing is I will miss the staff as they are such nice people.”Susan Cochran
My husband and I decided to walk on the beach on a Sunday in March, by the time we got home, I could not walk correctly. I was in tremendous pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Robitaille and the diagnosis was that the tendon was pulling away from the bone on my second toe. She said that a shot was not necessary and that she wanted me to have this “new” type of treatment using “Radio Waves”. I had three consecutive weeks of having this treatment and one week off, I probably had approximately 15 treatments. Finally in October I put a pair of regular flat shoes on and I was not in pain. Of course I have my orthotics in my sneakers and I now can start walking on a regular basis with no pain. I can’t say enough about this treatment….it seems that all the other doctors want to do is operate and that word is not in my vocabulary. It always is a pleasure going to Dr. Robitaille’s office in Hardeeville for my treatments….the staff (Demond, Jamie and Shannon) always take the time to put me at ease and find out how my week went. That is half the battle…..Before retiring, I had a job similar to Jamie’s –greeting all the clients and making them feel welcomed……and she does that….above and beyond…..I think that is what I am going to miss most –Since I won’t be coming by for any appointments, I guess I will just have to stop and say hello from time to time. In conclusion, the staff and doctors do a great job, far beyond my expectations.”Norma Armstrong
Bluffton, SC

“Dear Dr. Robitaille,Just can’t say thank you enough! I really appreciate your diligence, patience, and kindness in working with my stubborn plantar fasciitis. You and your staff have been wonderful.”

Ruth D.

Dear Dr.’s Newsom, Robitaille and BeckerI would like to take this time to thank you for the T.L.C you and your staff have given me while I was a patient in your care. Your kindness, compassion and care are the best I have ever had in my 60 years of living. I feel like I am treated like a friend instead of a patient, I would also like to thank your staff: Demon, Robyn, Jeanette, Stephanie, Ann, Samantha, Camara, Tramika and Noemi. This is a great staff and ya’ll are very lucky to have them. In closing, let me just say Dr. Newsom and Dr. Robitaille, I know I’m only 1 patient but, I think you two are the finest doctors I have ever known and I wouldn’t seek care from anyone else.”

Kinnon L.

“I came to Dr. Newsom several months ago and couldn’t be more pleased. His staff is friendly and efficient, and Dr Newsom really knows his stuff! My formerly ingrown toenails aren’t causing me problems any longer, and my problem toe is well on the way to no longer being a concern. I trust Dr Newsom, and am willing to drive over 1.5 hours to visit his practice.”Carol B.
Ladys Island,SC

“A poem for Dr. Newsom,Before you did my surgery, my toes crossed and my ankle was sore. I had to hop where ever I went. You did my surgery and you did it well! Now it’s time to tell.”

Erselene Y.