Winter’s finally coming to a close and the weather is starting to finally warm up! Most of us are looking forward to getting back outside in the sun without needing a jacket, especially runners and athletes. If you like to go for runs and walks, you know how important it is to wear well-fitting, comfy sneakers. Not only can it help your performance on the track or trail, but it will help keep your feet safe and healthy long-term. Looking to buy a new pair of sneakers for spring? Keep these tips and tricks in mind during your next shoe-shopping trip.

  • Where are you planning to run? The paved streets in your neighborhood or a softer, more grass-covered hiking trail? Taking note of the location you prefer to run can help you decide which sneakers are best for you. These days, sneakers are usually designed to also fit your setting, so you’ll be able to pick through road, trail, and cross-training specific running shoes.
  • How much support do you want? Maximum cushioning is best for injury-free, comfortable feet, so something with more foam and arch support is your best bet.
  • Looking for sneakers with more gait support? Wear a pair of custom orthotics daily? Have a favorite pair of thick socks you can’t run without? Keep this in mind when you try on your shoes! Feel free to bring along any foot devices or socks with you to make buying easier.
  • Remember that running shoes don’t last long, especially if you’re a daily runner. On average, sneakers last 450 miles (that’s 4-5 months of everyday use) before the mid and outsoles wear out and it’s time to toss them.
  • Don’t go for anything other than a running shoe. Running shoes and every day or fashion sneakers may look similar these days, but they perform very differently. Running shoes are made with specific technology, like shock absorption, to help keep your feet safe and injury free during your workout.
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