Dr. Kristian Jeffress loves fashionable shoes, but knows they can be a minefield of problems for your feet. Learn how to successfully navigate the front lines of fashion in heels that don’t destroy your feet. There are many reasons that women, myself included, choose to wear high heels. Most of them include the aesthetic properties that elongate the legs, improve posture, and just the overall confidence one seems to embody when in you favorite pair of Fendi pumps. With all this said, here are a few tips for wearing your beloved heels, looking great, and preventing injury. I call them my “High Heel How-To’s” . 1. Ladies, we have all been there. You bust out your favorite stiletto, and whether you are wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans, a “stepford” style dress, or a business suit, by the end of the day, your feet are absolutely killing you. Although nothing is sexier than a pump, the 4-5 inch stiletto that usually accompanies it can be dreadful by the end of the day. Instead, try a wedge styled shoe. For summer, the espadrille is an amazing alternative; It looks great with any outfit and your feet will thank you by the end of the day. 2. You are getting ready for the day and you put on your favorite lotion and perfumes from head to toe. You don the coveted stiletto Louboutin and you notice that your toes are “gripping” the end of the shoe and are in a literal “crunch” in the toe box. When you are getting ready, lotion all parts of the foot except the very bottom. This allows your feet to provide a natural friction needed to keep you stable. This stability is very much needed when you are standing 4-5 inches higher than normal on a proverbial stilt. 3. You wear your heels daily and have built up a tolerance to the pain that ensues by 5pm. You notice that the balls of your feet are raw and becoming slightly callused. What do you do? This is due to repetitive pressure to the area. If you must continue to wear your heels, know that you will likely continue to have this problem. But if the Manolos are a must, invest in a cream with urea 20% to 40%, or ammonium lactate to gently exfoliate the callused skin. So, whether you are skipping down the streets of Manhattan like Carey Bradshaw or sashaying the corridors of an elementary school, follow these few simple steps and your fabulosity will continue to be in full force. Would you like to see the fashionable heels that Dr. Jeffress loves? Follow her on Twitter @Dr_Jeffress for timely updates on the cutest new shoes.

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