A lot of my patients complain about their shoes being too heavy, and causing pain across the top of their arch. When I recommend a solid, supportive athletic shoe, they claim they can’t wear them because of the discomfort they cause. Most of these people have a decently high arch with a bony bump on top. This bony prominence can be painful for one of two reasons: you may have arthritis at that joint in your midfoot, causing bone spurs, or you may be irritating the nerve that (unfortunately) happens to run right over that area. Or you may be one of those unlucky people who have both.    Either way, a heavy shoe will place pressure at that point, and can make otherwise good shoes very painful. The easiest way to fix this problem is to re-lace your shoes.    Start by unlacing them 2/3 of the way down.      Then skip 1-2 holes on each side (there’s no law saying you have to use them all!).      Finally, re-lace the shoes the rest of the way, allowing you to tighten the laces around your ankle for a secure fit. This takes the pressure off of your painful midfoot.       There are tons of specialty ways to re-lace your shoes, so browse around the internet for other ideas (especially for sports-related lacings), and play around with your own shoes. Often times, making the right shoe comfortable is as simple as switching up the laces!  

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