Cross training is an awesome way to stay in shape if you need a break from running. Sometimes you need a break due to injury, soreness, or even if the weather doesn’t allow you to run. If the weather that is holding you back, you should resort to using a treadmill. Keep in mind that when training for a marathon running is always the most beneficial exercise. Running outside is by far the best training you can possibly do! You can’t expect to finish a marathon by cross training alone. You MUST actually RUN!

The main difference in cross training is that your legs don’t experience all the wear and tear like you do while running. You should just use these exercise if you need a little break from running, there is bad weather, or if you have experienced an injury. When you are injured or if you are recovering from an injury, cross training is the best way to maintain conditioning.


Cycling is perfect because it works your legs and you keeps your heart rate working while taking away the stress your legs experience when running. Cycling is a great exercise if you suffer from shin splints and need to take some time off from running.

Run in Water

If you choose to do this in deep water, you should use a float. You will NOT be able to run as fast as you would on land obviously. Keep in mind that your heart rate will also not be as high. You should run in water for the same amount of time that it would take you to run. If you find yourself running too slowly or if you are bored try intervals.

Elliptical Machine

Using an elliptical machine is an awesome way to receive a total body workout in a short time-frame. This workout is great for cardio and there is not the stress or impact with running. When you switch up your motion, instead of going forwards and you start going backwards you are working muscles that you usually don’t use when you are just running.


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