When one sprains their ankle, the ligaments stretch. In fact, there are micro-tears of the ligament fibers.If not treated immediately,scar tissue can form between these torn fibers.This will lead to a very tight and painful ankle and makes it more difficult to treat. If you sprain your ankle, remember: RICE: rest, ice, compression (ace wrap) and elevation. Take Advil or Ibuprofen (if you can) and if the swelling and/or pain persist for a day or two, please call us. We can get you better quickly and you do not have to wait in an emergency room for hours. www.atlanticfeet.com SAVANNAH, Georgia 31405 * 803 East 68th Street * Office: 912.355.4557 Fax: 912.355.3186STATESBORO, Georgia 30458 * 606 South Zetterower Avenue * Office: 912-489-3668 Fax: 912-489-4795HINESVILLE, Georgia 31313 * 502 E. General Stewart Way, Ste. C * Office: 912-463-4517 Fax: 912- 463-4518HARDEEVILLE, South Carolina 29927 * 300 New River Parkway Suite 21* Office: 843.208.3338 Fax: 843.208.3348

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