For seniors, taking care of your feet might be the last thing on your list of things to do. But since our feet do so much for us every day, it’s important to put the time into keeping them healthy and pain-free. Including some daily foot care into your routine can make a world of a difference. We’ve provided some of our top tips for our senior patients. Here’s what you need to know about senior foot care!

Protect Your Feet

One of the most important things you can do to keep your feet safe from injury is to wear shoes and socks as often as possible. Choosing a pair of shoes with extra arch support can help ease plenty of foot conditions. For the most comfortable fit, wear socks every time you wear close-toed shoes, which can prevent blisters and cuts from debris. If you have diabetes or nerve damage, avoid going barefoot as much as possible.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Staying active, especially as you age, can be a drag, But the health benefits you get from taking a walk or getting on a bike go a long way. Staying fit not only helps keep you in shape, therefore taking stress off your feet, but also getting your blood moving. Other ways you can improve blood flow to your feet is by wiggling your toes and elevating your feet throughout the day.

Stretch Your Feet

We encourage all our patients to take the time to stretch their feet. The best time to do so is after a warm bath or shower when our foot muscles are loose and ready for a relaxing stretch. Not only does a quick stretch reduce muscle tension, but it prevents muscle knots from forming or getting worse. Ask our team of podiatrists about what foot care stretches are best for you!

Call For Help

If you suspect something is wrong with your feet or ankles, call your podiatrist as soon as possible! Letting an injury or condition sit for too long can create more pain and make treatment harder to accomplish. At-home treatments aren’t always helpful and may make things worse. Instead, put your worries at ease and call your foot doctor for help.

At Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are committed to providing specialized, compassionate services for our patients. Melissa Robitaille, DPM, and Todd Newsom, DPM offer treatments for various foot and ankle disorders with leading-edge technology. Contact our office in Chatham County at (912) 988-3323 to make an appointment today.

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