Plantar warts and nail fungus affect people of all ages and backgrounds. It is seen among people who play sports, children, adolescents, or the elderly. There is no reason to hide your toes or nails anymore. Laser Treatment is the answer. With as few as one to two treatments you can rid warts and nail fungus.

The Laser Nail Treatment is a quick, in office procedure. It is a safe and effective treatment and is a virtually painless procedure with no downtime from regular activities. This is a great alternative to prescription medications. With as few as one to two treatments our Q-Clear Laser can rid you of any sign of nail fungus or plantar warts. The lasers wavelength targets and destroys the nail fungus, leaving one healthy nail. Just like nail fungus, the laser reaches the warts core and helps healthy blood flow.

About the Procedure: The laser gives off a mild to warm sensation. We describe it like a warm rubber band hitting your skin/nail. Laser treatment will take less than 10 minutes and there is no discomfort after treatment.

Fungal Toenails: You will notice results within two to four months depending on how quickly your nails grow. New clear growth will appear at the base of the nail as the fungal portion grows out.

Plantar Warts: This depends on the virus that is causing the wart. Warts can go away within one treatment, while others may take a few treatments. The main concern and goal for the laser is to get to the warts core.

The most important thing for you to know is that you are not alone and you don’t have to suffer from nail fungus or plantar warts. These are both very common procedures that tons of people have been treated for, so don’t feel alone. We’ve dedicated our professional lives to helping people just like you.

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