Warts that appear on the hands and fingers are usually more responsive to therapy than are those on the feet. The professional methods of treatment available for plantar warts include just about everything from chemical applications and surgery to Lawrey’s seasoned salt, duct tape and hypnosis. Some warts respond quickly and some do not, and that my friends, is just plain honesty.

At Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists, we use 3 different chemicals to treat the warts. A pharmacist specially makes these compounds for us. Patients and most doctors do not have this formula. We find that daily applicants with a bandage for days allows the wart to disappear much faster than just using over the counter medication. The advantage of this method is we do not need to surgically remove the wart. However, on persistent warts, we sometimes have to remove them.

For children under the age of 18 years old, it has been found that the use of Tagamet (OTC medication for stomach upset) will increase the body’s immune system in order to fight off these viruses. We have been using Tagamet for about 10 years now and have gotten great results without any side effects.

The key is that the warts love moisture so make sure your feet are very dry and that you wear a shower shoe in the public gyms and around the pools. As you can see, in most cases, plantar warts can be removed without painful surgery. As always, at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists, we strive to keep you comfortable while treating your warts.

Melissa F. Robitaille, DPMMedicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Childrenhttps://www.atlanticfeet.com

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